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Sunshine Farms

The Growers

Passionate - Dedicated - Knowledgeable

At Sunshine Farms we have a team of master growers, horticulturists, biologists, and plant experts. Using our growers combined experience we have come up with unique and innovative ways of expanding how marijuana is and should be grown. Our grow team has pioneered ways of producing and cultivating clones as well as utilizing advanced nutrient systems to ensure healthy plant development. We have absolute protocols and procedures in place to ensure that the bud is top quality every single time.

Despite our size Sunshine Farm’s growers take the time to individually look at each plant to ensure its health and address any problems as soon as they present themselves. We use the human touch to make sure the plants receive the love and care they need to thrive. Our growers use their exuberance and passion for the plants health to ensure a superior product to make sure we deliver the best product we can.

April and Sean

Employee of The Month
August and September 2017

The Sunshine Farms team has become so full of outstanding employees we are happy to start recognizing two employees each month. April Holm is a standout in our packaging department with a positive attitude that can’t be overstated. April has an infectious smile and laugh that fills the room. Besides being fun to be around and work with, her organization and intelligence are integral to keeping dozens of different orders moving out the door to you as fast as possible. April's ability to keep a cool head in the most hectic of times is invaluable to the packaging department. Sean Suver has shown the same amazing effort and dedication to his job every single day he’s comes to work, from his first day on the job through today. Sean kept his nose to the grind stone in an entry level position with his eye on the goal of being a part of the grow team. Grow team positions don’t become available often and Sean never became discouraged or let the wait affect his work. Sean’s positive energy and work ethic payed off and he now carries out the foliar feed program in veg for the Sunshine Farms grow team plus so much more. Sean continues to learn and put forth his best effort every day and Sunshine Farms is better for it.
Please help us show our appreciation for these two outstanding members of our team here at Sunshine Farms.

The Trimmers and Packagers

Efficient - Friendly - Reliable

Sunshine Farm’s production team works hard to make sure you don't have to. Working diligently the trim team meticulously trim each bud so that it can truly shine. The team make sure that each bud ends up looking perfect, free from seeds, crows feet, and any other minor imperfections. The trim team strive to produce bud that they themselves would want to consume. Sunshine Farms works tirelessly to make sure that the best quality product makes it to the consumer.

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