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Sunshine Farms

The Growers

Passionate - Dedicated - Knowledgeable

Our growers come from a wide variety of backgrounds each bringing invaluable skills to the table. Having an extensive knowledge of marijuana we have a team of master growers, horticulturists, biologists, and plant experts. Using our skills we have come up with unique and innovative ways of expanding how marijuana is and should be grown. This can include novel ways of producing and cultivating clones as well as utilizing advanced nutrient systems to ensure healthy plant development. We have absolute protocols and procedures in place to ensure that the bud tastes amazing every single time.

Despite our size we treat our grow like a family business. This means that the growers spend time individually looking at each plant to ensure its health and address and problems along the way. This means that instead of expensive machines we use the human touch to make sure the plants receive the love and care they need to thrive. We use this strong passion for both the plants health and making a quality product to make sure we deliver the best product we can.

Mark Potter

Employee of The Month
May 2017

Job Position: Grower/Packager
Favorite Strain: Jack Wreck

This month we’re excited to recognize the contributions made by Mark Potter at Sunshine Farms. Mark is always giving his everything no matter what is being asked of him. Mark came to us having worked on the retail side of marijuana and his knowledge and experience are invaluable to our ability to put out the best possible product to you. Mark’s passion for Marijuana is hard to match and it shows in everything he does.

The Trimmers and Packagers

Efficient - Friendly - Reliable

Our production team works hard to make sure you don't have to. Working diligently our trimmers meticulously trim each bud so that it can truly shine. They make sure that each bud ends up looking perfect, free from seeds, crows feet, and any other minor imperfections. The trim bud that they themselves would want to consume and work tireless to make sure that the best quality product hits store shelves.

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